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The YASUKENEO collection was inspired by the first African samurai. Yasuke arrived in Japan in the 16th century.

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The YASUKENEO collection was inspired by the first African samurai. Yasuke arrived in Japan in the 16th century. Thanks to his appearance and physical predispositions, he attracted the attention of one of the provincial rulers - the Daimyo, who made him a samurai. This collection is a blend of African and Japanese cultures and traditions presented through clothing pieces and skins for those with a samurai spirit, regardless of their origins.


Prosthetics cover skin. Yasukeneo collection

* Custom Prosthetic Cover is required in order to order a skin. Every skin is made with precision and perfectly designed to fit your cover, based on your prosthetic needs. If you already have a cover made by us, you can order a skin separately.

Custom Prosthetic Cover

Custom Prosthetic Cover

From 600€


Neo basic

Neo basic

From 99€

default skin that comes with each purchase of our cover



From 199€

Simple skin with impressionable lace and a base of stretchy scuba material.



From 199€

The highlighted texture created from cotton waxed ribbons is very elegant and suitable for everyday combinations as well as for more extravagant outfits.



From 199€

Extravagant skin for those who like to experiment when it comes to styling.

Changing the cover skin is easy,
check out the video


It is important that the knee is on the prosthesis when scanning and that the prosthesis is not in a state of tension. It is definitely best to contact us before you start the scan so that we can send you more detailed instructions.

Skins are sewn in the shape of a cover, and a duplicate of a cover we keep in our database. When ordering additional skins, all you need to do is give us the number that stands on the inner side of the cover and the skin will be made according to the shape of that specific cover.

Covers are personalized products, they are made for each prosthesis individually. Any replacement or return is not possible. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your cover, contact us and we will do our best to fix the problem, if possible.

We are not responsible for any changes that occur after filling out the order form. If you have any unplanned changes to the prosthesis, and you have already ordered our cover, contact us as soon as possible. Only while the cover is in the early stages of making it is possible to make minor changes.

If the user is not satisfied with our standard cover fitting solutions, it is possible to change the shape of the cover. We suggest only a prosthetist to make the corrections. You must inform us about the mentioned modifications so that we can forward you the modification instructions and so that we can have in mind the new dimensions of the cover, when ordering skins.

The warranty is valid for 6 months from the moment of taking over the product. It refers to the fitting of the cover on the prosthesis in the provided deviations (+ - 8mm) and to all errors that occurred in the production process.The warranty does not apply to:

- damage caused in transport

- mechanical damage caused by improper handling of the product

- damage caused by exposure of the product to high temperatures

- damage caused by exposure of the product to aggressive chemicals

- problems caused by poor measurements or poor scanning

For all potential problems and doubts feel free to contact us and we will help you as soon as possible. The covers are accompanied by instructions for installation and maintenance of the product. If you do not understand any segment of the instructions, feel free to contact us for support.

The covers are fastened in the lower zone with a special spacer (installation instructions are available when ordering), and in the upper zone the cover is fixed with a rubber belt. For some specific types, especially knee prostheses, special spacers are made for individual cases. The skins are fixed to the cover with velcro straps, and the skin is closed with a zipper on the back.

From the moment of posting the payment, the deadline for making covers and skins is 3 weeks. The delivery period depends on the transport option you choose.

Upper prostheses do not require scanning, but only a detailed filling in of the table with the measures that we send when confirming the order. It is very important that the measurement is performed correctly in order to fit the cover as well as possible with the prosthesis. Errors made during the taking of measures will not be taken into account in complaints.

Skins differ in the way they are sewn and the materials used in making them, as well as the technologies used to apply the graphics. When ordering, you can ask for a particular technical specification for the selected skin. Since skins differ from standard pieces of clothing, we suggest dry cleaning as the safest option for washing skins.

When you confirm that you want a Pirate art cover, we will send you measurement lists and payment instructions. Depending on the country to which we send the cover, the total price of the product also changes. It is possible to choose between several modes of transport. Payment is made via PayPal.

To make a knee prosthesis cover, it is necessary to submit a 3D scan of your prosthesis. Our company is currently working on the development of a mobile phone application that will facilitate the scanning process. Until the application becomes available, the scan can be done by your prosthetist. In addition to scanning, it is necessary to fill in the table with control measures that we provide you if you decide to buy.

The covers are made of highly durable kydex plastic, resistant to shock and scratches, using thermoforming technology. The covers themselves are waterproof, but detailed drying after exposure to water is recommended.

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